every step matters

our innovative approach to making shoes not only ensures quality, fit and performance but also aligns with a responsible, environmentally conscious lifestyle.

by choosing made+ footwear, you're making a conscious decision that positively impacts our planet without sacrificing look and feel. 

make yours custom

Introducing our revolutionary all-in-one product customization platform, empowering customers to create their perfect style. We recognize and celebrate the individuality of each customer, providing them with the freedom to make personalized choices.


Unlock a world of creativity with our vast selection of over 1500 color combinations. Mix and match to your heart's content and discover endless possibilities to express your unique style.


3D printed footwear

embrace the boundless possibilities of the future by harnessing the extraordinary wonders and revolutionary capabilities offered by 3D Printing technology.

3D printed midsoles

Enhance your experience with our exclusive 3D printed lattice insole. Offers lightweight support, breathability, and cushioning. The intricate lattice design of our signature insole encourages airflow, helps with moisture control, and absorbs impact shocks effectively.

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process driven

Our purpose-driven approach fuels our creative process. We believe in crafting with intention, ensuring that every product we create serves a meaningful purpose. From concept to creation, our dedication shines through, resulting in purposeful and impactful designs that resonate with our customers.